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Suggestions for breakfast/brunch on Sydney road - go!

Drinking til midnight at the Grace Darling on a weeknight, followed up by a sick day at home eating a cheese and Vegemite toastie in bed. Job well done.

Also spent too much time tonight explaining to an Associate Director who should know better that a partner who he personally described as ‘a walking law suit’ would not be made a partner in this day and age. To which to cries came of ‘don’t you think he’s good at his job’ and ‘you think he’s a dinosaur’ to which I had to explain that while yes, I’m sure he’s effective in his job, the type of behaviour he exhibits which allowed him to become partner way back in the day would no longer be permissible today. To which we both agreed that his behaviour had been ‘grandfathered’ - he can continue being a sexist pig and it will be overlooked, but new up and comers won’t get away with it.
It continues to piss me off that we don’t expect more of people (ie old men) and expect their behavior to change with the times rather than ‘grandfathering’ it.

Accidentally liking things on facebook coz I’ve been drinking too much and don’t have enough dexterity to scroll past things without lingering and holding my thumb long enough to like….. Oooops. And then too awkward to unlike.

Asylum seeker themed university pub crawl criticised →

The next generation of Liberal Party leaders from QLD are showing us what they really think. Excuse me while I vom.


Senator Scott Ludlam’s speech became #ourspeech and my speech and even Ziggy’s speech. Spot us!

I hope one day this gets turned into a song like the misogyny speech. Speeches turned into songs make me happy.

Laurel Snyder, “Boys Will Be Boys, and Girls Will Be Accomodating,” Medium, February 12, 2014

I don’t know a lot about what to do with children, which is one of the reasons I don’t have any, but I have been a boy who was keenly aware of the contours of gender, how fiercely regulated they can be, and how these lines don’t vanish at the bookshelf. That is, I don’t know how to make adult men believe they don’t lack the capacity for empathy, to understand and be interested in stories by and about people who don’t share their gender. How can I expect mere boys to do the same — boys who, unlike their adult counterparts — are not shaping the world so much as trying to understand it and sometimes, in a way I know well, trying to inure themselves from its binaries? 

The answer to that is, well, the plain answer is what Snyder says: essentially that adults shouldn’t be pushing children into conforming to geographies they are very cognizant of anyway, that maybe they can blur those boundaries. But the real answer is in the title of the piece: boys will be boys and girls will be accommodating. Which is true, and true in ways that extend far outside the library and far beyond childhood. “How can I expect mere boys…” I asked, and the proper response is we do so the same way we expect mere girls. And if I can’t expect children — boys or girls — to defeat the tyranny of gender normativity, we can at least suppose boys can be accommodating — in the way that girls and women are always called to be.

(via screwrocknroll)

When we assume that boys won’t read books with girls on the cover, and then institutionalize that assumption by leaving the “girlie” books out of award nominations (as well as school wide reads, story times, etc.), we insult them. By suggesting that on the whole our boys have a limited capacity for empathy, an inability to imagine a world beyond their own most obvious understanding, and an unwillingness to stretch.

In the same stroke, we neglect our girls. Not because they can’t read “boy books” (they do and will). But because when they see those awards, they also learn something — to accept a world in which they are rarely the central players. They learn, at a formative age, that the “best” books are the ones about boys.

Just had probably the worst day of my working life ever, and have to front up and talk about it first thing tomorrow morning. Make or break time for demonstrating my skills in Not Crying At Work In Front Of Important People. Honestly don’t know if I have it in me.

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